Pure air in vehicles!

Hengst Blue.care ensures the best air quality  

In times of increasing discussion about dust pollution in traffic and the rising numbers of people with allergies, air purity inside vehicles is becoming more and more of a focus for drivers, especially drivers with families. With the new Blue.care cabin filter, Hengst SE & Co. KG, the filtration specialists from Münster, offer a powerful next-generation cabin filter. Pollen, fine dust, mold and spores, odors, and bacteria are reliably filtered out of the air. This makes an important contribution to well-being, health, and active accident prevention.

A good climate – happy customers

Like a vacuum cleaner, the ventilation system of a car sucks about 540,000 liters of air per hour into the interior, and with it comes exhaust, pollutants, allergens, and odors from the environment. This results in concentrations inside the car roughly five times higher than on the roadside. This can result in a reduction in the driver’s concentration, and can trigger allergic reactions. Also, the risk of accidents rises. However, the new high-quality interior filter Blue.care can help. It leaves the air in the cabin cleanly filtered and protects those inside vehicle from harmful environmental influences.

Five layers ensure optimal results

The Blue.care cabin filter consists of five different layers, which achieve optimal results in a clean and coordinated manner. Compared to standard activated carbon filters, Blue.care also neutralizes allergens and bacteria. The first layer comprises an electrostatic pre-filter medium that captures coarse particles. The second filter medium captures more dust; the third, with an active carbon layer, separates vapors, odors, and harmful gases like ozone, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide. Number four, the Meltblown medium, retains fine dust and microparticles with a diameter of less than 2.5 μm. The fifth bio-functional layer has an anti-microbial effect. With the Blue.care interior filter, the customer not only has a vehicle interior that is free from unpleasant odors, but above all clean air that is free from harmful substances. This means that stuffy air in the car is now a thing of the past.

Hengst Blue.care ensures the best air quality  

active carbon layer, separates vapors, odors, and harmful gases like ozone, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide. Number four, the Meltblown medium, retains fine dust and microparticles with a diameter of less than 2.5 μm. The fifth bio-functional layer has an anti-microbial effect. With the Blue.care interior filter, the customer not only has a vehicle interior that is free from unpleasant odors, but above all clean air that is free from harmful substances. This means that stuffy air in the car is now a thing of the past.

The right filter for every model

Blue.care cabin filters are available for almost every standard production model from all leading car manufacturers. More information about the Blue.care cabin filter at www.hengst.com/de/blue-care.

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Hengst is GM Supplier of the Year 2016

General Motors Honors Supplier for the Second Time

A great honor for Hengst Filtration: Muenster-based company Hengst is the “GM Supplier of the Year” for the second time. General Motors presented the supplier with its greatest honor for suppliers – one of the most established in the global automotive industry – on March 31 in Orlando, Florida. GM management was unanimous in its decision to distinguish Hengst among over 20,000 suppliers. Even more pleasing to the supplier, this year is the 25th anniversary of the award, which was accepted by Olaf Ley, Group Director Sales OE Passenger Cars, and Howard Boyer, CEO of Hengst of North America, Inc.

HELLA and Hengst tie the knot

HELLA and Hengst tie the knot
UK agreement for comprehensive OE filtration alliance March 2017 heralds an exciting new chapter for HELLA here in the UK, as it becomes the first country within the HELLA group to introduce filtration through a powerful alliance with original equipment (OE) manufacturer, Hengst Filtration.
The agreement is a union between two longstanding – HELLA established in 1899 and Hengst in 1958 – and like-minded businesses, for both are OE manufacturers and system suppliers to the global automotive industry, both are acknowledged as award winning technological innovators, while they are also both renowned for their commitment to deliver the very best in terms of quality, availability and support to the independent aftermarket.

Best Supplier: Sinotruk Honors Hengst

Best Supplier: Sinotruk Honors Hengst

Long-term, close development partnership with China’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer

Hengst is also a popular development and system partner for Asian vehicle manufacturers: Sinotruk, one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in China, recently honored Hengst China as the “Best Cooperation Supplier of 2016.” Hengst and Sinotruk have maintained a close business partnership since 2009.

The prize is an especially prominent one on the Chinese commercial vehicle market, since Sinotruk only selects a few suppliers for the award each year from its total pool of around 1,000. Key factors that won Hengst the award include its expertise in research and development, permanently high quality, supplier reliability, and economic efficiency. Ongoing suggestions for improvement from the Hengst team on site in Kunshan also impressed China’s largest manufacturer of heavyduty commercial vehicles. “We are proud of this proof of the trust Sinotruk has in us, and we believe it is a confirmation of our corporate strategy of staying close to the markets and our customers through our global locations,” says Ingo Brunsmann, Group Vice President of Original Equipment.

Hengst goes to Dubai

16th location worldwide: new sales office strengthens presence and customer proximity in the Gulf

A strong network around the world: on 1 January 2017, Hengst will open its 16th location worldwide in the form of Hengst Middle East FZE. This means that customers in the Gulf will be able to benefit from short routes and an even quicker and more customised service.

In the Gulf, Hengst filter products have been valued for their quality and reliability for many years. This is reason enough to expand the already strong market position with a permanent presence in the region. Hengst Middle East will use the Dubai location to serve the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Bahrain as well as Oman.

Regional Sales Director Ziad Alali, the manager of the new location, not only boasts many years of industry experience, but also commands extensive knowledge of the regional markets.

The previous exporter, Manfred Hommert GmbH, will remain by the team’s side in Dubai in a close advisory role. The new location represents the next step for Hengst in expanding its presence in all major markets. Globally positioned but always close to the customer: it is based on this maxim that the company has built up a dense global service network over the past few years.

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Intelligent Fluid Management – Everything Runs Smoothly

Hengst features innovative filtration and deposition solutions for commercial vehicles at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

The highest reliability, as little downtime as possible, the engine’s high efficiency: these are decisive factors that commercial vehicle operators demand from technology. Intelligent fluid management and advanced filtration technology are an essential part of the engine’s protection and reliable mechanics. With numerous innovative solutions, Hengst provides a comprehensive overview of its program for new and retrofitted commercial vehicles at the IAA 2016 (Hanover, September 22nd to 29th, 2016, Hall 13 Stand C23).

Blue.maxx: Diesel Filtration at a New Level

The highlight of Hengst’s stand at the IAA Fair is Blue.maxx, a groundbreaking, five-stage modular system for the high-performance filtration of diesel fuel. The requirements for fuel filtration in commercial vehicles are growing rapidly. Blue.maxx is based on the concept that preliminary and main filters should no longer be considered seperately, but rather as a multi-step, optimally aligned overall system. The innovative solution of the preliminary and main filter combination brings sustainable benefits: significant performance improvements in particle filtration, water separation and differential pressure are just as important as the reduction of the required installation space. The filter stages are adjusted to local conditions, which allows them to be defined for every application.

Modern Multifunctional Modules for Filtration and Separation

Hengst places further emphasis on the idea of novel multifunctional modules for filtration and separation. In particular, compact fluid management is achieved through module housing, which is used in the common interfaces of the oil and coolant circuit through additional function integration. A high-efficiency fiber separator with a compact pressure control unit is integrated in the “oil-fired“ module housing to degrade interfaces, so that the crank case pressure regulation is guaranteed at all times, even at low temperatures.

Fluid Management Modules: Hightech in the Smallest Spaces

Compact and cost-efficient fluid management is achieved with module housing, in which the interfaces for the circulation of various fluids such as oil, fuel or coolant can be used through additional functional integration. The result: maximum flexibility and at the same time the adaptation of solutions for global markets. Performance-optimized versions can be fitted for all installation and operating conditions. With short, casted connecting channels and through an intelligent control valve circuit, the lowest flow resistances are achieved.

Oil Filter in Modern, Robust Design

Hengst is also pursuing new technological directions in the field of oil filters: stack filters present a novel, robust design that effortlessly meets the stress of commercial vehicle engines and scores with an efficient impact. The oil filter must withstand a pressure of up to 17 bar (corresponding to 173 tonnes) and thereby handle the contents of three bathtubs – each minute. The essential distinguishing feature of the new design is the “stack-elements“: through special spaces the fold is shortened within the filter, which enhances stability and leads to an optimized differential pressure behavior. A higher opening pressure in the filter bypass valve is also possible, so that less unfiltered oil can reach the clean side. The design is perfected through sophisticated filter media, which are perfectly attuned to the respective requirements. The latest high-tech filter media are also characterized by their resistance to higher water contamination in the oil.

Pioneering Oil Maintenance with the Blue.jet Series

Hengst’s expertise in oil maintenance is emphasized through innovative filtration systems such as the Blue.jet product line: The Blue.jet oil centrifuge meets the highest demands of side stream filtration in oil circuitry. High centrifuge revolutions allow the retention of even the smallest particles. Unlike other centrifugal products on the market, the Blue.jet centrifuge can be operated without a soil chamber, without lowering the engine‘s oil pressure. A partial flow fills the dirt chamber in a pressureless way, and dirt particles are exposed to the centrifugal field for a long time and deposited on the rotor wall. At the same time, low flow speeds prevent the washout of already deposited particles. The effect is that the friction reduces fuel consumption, the oil change intervals can be extended, and the engine‘s lifetime is overall increased.

From Development to the Series: Production with Depth

As a development and system partner, the company is already involved in the very early stages of new projects in commercial vehicle manufacturing. One of Hengst’s particular strengths is its close linkage of innovative development and high manufacturing expertise. Particularly high manufacturing range distinguishes Hengst; from the preparation and finishing of the filter medium to the plastic casing and die-casted component, everything is prepared in house. Performance is additionally a key success factor: OEM customers have repeatedly characterized Hengst by their excellent delivery performance and reliability as well as their low error rate with supplier prices.

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Excellent service and premium products

Hengst is presenting a new brand image and the entire IAM product range at the Automechanika 2016

Work smarter – with excellent service and premium products: At the Automechanika 2016 (September 13 to 17, 2016, at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, Hall 4.0, Stand A71) Hengst will present a new brand identity and an expanded and completely redesigned exhibition stand. The trade fair attendees will gain insight into the IAM product range with more than 2,500  filter products and also learn what differentiates brand-name filters with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality from presumably less costly alternatives. With its brand promise, Hengst is setting itself up for the requirements of the future IAM market. The company wants to offer excellence as a partner for innovative filtration solutions with know-how and passion. The desire to reach the bestpossible solution for the customers with the products and ensuring the proverbial proximity to customers are our focus. The following phrase applies, especially to the service sector: One filter is not necessarily the same as another. If you want to spare yourself unnecessary complaints, you shouldn’t save money at the wrong end; instead place value on premium quality right from the start: The best materials, the highest level of precision during production and the high-quality design. For

instance, the special waterproofing on all air filters which protects against water penetration is the deciding difference with respect to Hengst products. “Presumably cheap is often purchased twice” the company makes clear. Hengst demonstrates the high requirements the various filtration types have to fulfill in modern car engines with four new animated films about oil, fuel, air and cabin filtration. The films explain the functions of the different filters in an easy-tounderstand way and also make the difference between Hengst quality products and cheap products clear. The company will also present new products at the 220 square meter Automechanika stand, for instance, the new E1328L-2 air filter for various Mercedes-Benz appliances in the C through S class models.

Good can always be improved: The current generation of the patented Energetic® system will also be presented at the Automechanika. The first series of the first generation began in Since then, the clever filter elements have proven themselves in countless applications and have been continuously optimized through to the current, sixth generation. The basic idea has remained the same: During servicing, only the filter element has to be replaced. This conserves resources, reduces waste, allows for clean working and accelerates the replacement of the filter. In short: An efficient and environmentally-friendly solution. In addition to the product quality, service is also important, especially in the dynamic aftermarket. Constant availability of the products is equally as self-evident for Hengst as personal customer support. With the freshly printed catalogs for passenger cars and commercial vehicles published for the Automechnika and the online catalog www.hengst-catalog.com, the company makes the search for the right filter faster and easier.

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Hengst presents groundbreaking solutions at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles

Intelligent Fuel Filtration

Hengst presents groundbreaking solutions at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles

An idea to spark optimized performance: The Blue.maxx modular system from Hengst is setting benchmarks in diesel fuel filtration. Hengst will present the concept with other solutions for filtration and fluid management in commercial vehicles at the 2016 IAA (Hanover, September 22-29, 2016, Hall 13 Stand C23) – true to the fair’s motto “Driven by Ideas.”

Maximum reliability and efficiency under ever stricter emission regulations: The requirements placed on fuel filtration in commercial vehicles are growing rapidly. Hengst engineers no longer want to consider pre-filters and main filters separately, but as a multi-stage, fine-tuned system. The Blue.maxx concept combining pre-filters and main filters will have long-term advantages: significant improvements in particle filtration, water separation, and differential performance along with a reduction in the required installation space. Tailored to the respective situation, the filter stages can be defined for any application.

With its range of products, Hengst efficiently and reliably covers all filtration and fluid management requirements in commercial vehicles. In addition to its Blue.maxx system, the company will also present other solutions including those for crankcase ventilation and concepts for the “drive of tomorrow” at the 2016 IAA.

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More than 2,500 filters for any requirement: Hengst at the Automechanika 2016

Solutions for clean servicing

More than 2,500 filters for any requirement: Hengst at the Automechanika 2016

From original equipment to the aftermarket: You can always rely on the quality of Hengst filters. The company will be presenting an overview of its IAM range of more than 2,500 filter products at the Automechanika (September 13 to 17, 2016 at the Messe Frankfurt). The stand space at the new location in Hall 4.0, Stands A71 and A95 is increasing to 220 square meters; for the first time, there will even be room for our own workshop area where trade visitors can obtain first-hand information. The focus will be on the benefits that quality filters offer as compared to supposedly “cheap solutions”. Especially when it comes to high operational reliability, there is no alternative to OE quality filters.

Hengst also shows how to improve already good products with the latest generation of the patented ENERGETIC® system. Production of the first generation was launched in 1993. The smart filter cartridges have been tried and tested in numerous applications and continuously optimized since then – right through to today’s sixth generation.

The basic idea has remained unchanged: Only the filter cartridge needs to be replaced for servicing – that conserves resources, reduces waste, facilitates clean working and makes changing filters faster. In short: an efficient and environmentally-friendly solution that has been widely accepted.

Hengst’s range of filter products covers virtually every need: for all known manufacturers, for cars as well as for commercial vehicles. Product quality is complemented by the great service – from 24/7 availability to personal support.

With freshly printed catalogs for cars and commercial vehicles, as well as the new and improved online catalog at www.hengst-katalog.de, the company has also made searching for the required filters easier and faster.

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Fed up with nasty passengers?

Fed up with nasty passengers?

Interior cabin air filters ensure clean conditions inside your automobile

You no longer have to endure “bad air” in your vehicle: Air conditioning, which is standard in most modern vehicles, allows individuals to adjust temperatures to their own needs; the integrated interior cabin air filters keep undesirable air components such as pollen, dust, bacteria and allergens at bay. The prerequisite for this: The interior cabin air filter should be replaced regularly, every 15,000 kilometers at least or, ideally, twice a year.

The rule of thumb is: A filter change in the spring to remove the last remnants of winter, the second change in the fall after the filter has absorbed large amounts of pollen during the warm months of summer. Whoever follows this rule can always expect healthy air conditions in his automobile. It is not only allergy sufferers who can literally breathe more easily: Everyone in the vehicle, even those without hay fever symptoms, benefits from air with minimal levels of dust and pollen. Pollution in the air that is breathed can ultimately impair concentration and make the driver feel tired. Therefore, having a pleasant climate in your automobile not only adds to comfort levels, but also improves safety.

As a partner and series supplier, Hengst produces interior cabin air filters in original equipment manufacturer quality that meet the specifications and requirements of the automobile manufacturers. High-quality, fully-synthetic filter materials and excellent processing quality ensure effective functionality. Particle filters that absorb pollen, spores and dust as well as bacteria, fungi and debris from the road are part of this comprehensive package, as are carbon filters that also block out unpleasant smells and contaminants. Both types of filters have proven capable of achieving separation rates of over 95 percent. Another advantage: Clean air conditions and good air conditioning prevent condensation and oily lubricating film from forming on the vehicle’s windows.

So that external vehicle experts are also able to install the filters, Hengst provides easy to understand installation instructions for all filter types in its online catalog at www.hengst-katalog.de, – as well as in every product package. “Nasty passengers” don’t have a chance anymore.

Opportunities for auto repair shops

Auto repair shops can use this opportunity to make additional attractive revenues by suggesting this service to customers during regular service appointments. In any case, auto manufacturers stipulate that the filter should be replaced after 15,000 kilometers, or after one year at the latest. However, it makes sense to change the filter twice a year if you use your vehicle a lot: In the spring because a lot of pollutants will have accumulated over the winter months, and also in the fall to remove pollen and leaf residues.

It is thus easy to calculate the potential that repair shops can tap into, in addition to their existing service contracts. So that external vehicle experts are also able to install the filters, Hengst provides easy to understand installation instructions for all filter types in its online catalog at www.hengst-catalog.com – as well as in every product package.


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