Running smoothly: Oil filters.

An oil filter has to deal with several hundred liters of oil in a minute as oil is pumped through the engine lubricating system. It is its task to ensure that the combustion engine is lubricated in a perfect manner by removing dust, metal abrasion and other residue from the engine lubricating system, down to the smallest particles measuring no more than 10 µm.

Hengst oil filters ensure perfect filter performance with a high dirt pick-up capacity. On account of its high-quality workmanship they ensure perfect functionality and have an especially high resistance to pressure and temperature in all operating situations, as well as a permanently high pulsation stability even in case of extreme operating pressure. On account of their precise manufacture they can be replaced quickly and easily, and they contribute to a measurable reduction of wear and tear to engine components as well as to a reduction of fuel consumption and emissions, while at the same time prolonging service intervals.