Agricultural and building machinery.

At Hengst, the engines of agricultural and building machines profit from the well-tried and tested Blue Engine Care System (BECS). These are modular systems for oil, fuel and cooling agent maintenance, oil mist separation and air filters. They are installed along with the original equipment but they may also be retrofitted and are available as standard or bespoke solutions. Our BECS meets the requirements of a light and compact built and a high functional density. In addition, it reduces consumption and is maintenance-friendly and reliable due to its long service intervals.


Blue.jet centrifuges offer a maximum maintenance-friendliness and the best possible separation rate for industrial liquids.

Effective fuel cleaning even if used in adverse conditions, reliable protection against the smallest of dirt particles as well as improved safety, a longer life and more reliability for the operation of the engine.

Excellent dirt separation rates provide protection against wear and tear and extend the life of the engine. A high fitting accuracy and stability ensure 100% tightness and long-lasting functional safety.