Cleaning devices and electrical tools (Professional).

We equip wet/dry vacuum cleaners and sweepers for professional use with highly efficient filter elements for every possible operating situation. For wet/dry vacuum cleaners, flat-pleat filters and filter cartridges for different filter classes we provide optimal filter and cleaning efficiency. For flat-pleat filters we have developed the ProClean system. The mobile pleats have the crucial advantage of particularly thorough cleaning and high resistance. For sweepers and/or vacuum sweepers as well as for professional electrical tools we also manufacture filter elements based on our ProClean system in both flat and round versions.


Premium filter inserts with comprehensive international compliance with industry-specific standards and  occupational safety directives.

Innovative complete filter unit for grinding machines for professional applications. Combines maximum functional features with the best possible occupational safety properties of the filter solution.

Premium air filter with maximum functional features for filtration in sweeping vacs. Apart from their high mechanic stability, the air filters maximize service-friendliness and the operating life of the sweeping vac.

Highly efficient filter inserts for maximum separation and flow rates for cleaning devices complying with EPA, HEPA, Energy Label.