Filtration is a science in itself. That is how we see it.

The principle of filtration can be summed up in a few words: Filtration is a process to catch all detrimental substances and particles with the aim of reducing, as far as possible, wear and tear in parts requiring protection while additionally protecting human health and the environment.

But filtration can also be expressed in just three words: Filtration is Hengst.

For numerous automobile manufacturers, wholesalers in the service parts market and for an increasing number of industrial customers, the name of Hengst is a synonym for filtration and fluid management. Therefore to continually live up to our reputation, we are constantly working on enhancing our competency in filtration.

Maximum performance in geometry, physics and chemistry.

Of course the selection, the conditioning and the refinement of filter media for their respective applications, as well as the various pleating techniques are each a science in itself at Hengst and Geometry, physics and chemistry play a decisive role here. Additionally there are the constant demands and requirements from the customer’s designers and developers. After all, the performance of the filter medium is of vital importance.

Another important requirement is that a filtration solution is as space-saving and light-weight as possible and should additionally require only a small effort for installation and maintenance. At Hengst, filtration is also a matter of engineering, construction, design and correct material selection. Individual filters are transformed more and more frequently into complex components or complete filtration concepts, thus forming a multi-functional fluid management system combining all of these requirements.

Perhaps you have now achieved some notion of how versatile filtration is at Hengst. Numerous scientific processes need to be mastered in order to become established as an OEM for the automotive and other industries and that is precisely what we at Hengst do and what we have been concentrating on for more than 55 years.