Hengst at the 24. Aachener Colloquium

In professional circles, Hengst is a synonym for high-quality and technologically forward-thinking filtration solutions. The company has been involved in new technological leaps for a long time as a result of close, long-term partnerships with renowned vehicle manufacturers in the field of systems and development. The company will be presenting the latest trends and a glimpse into upcoming developments at the 24th Aachener Colloquium (5 to 7 October 2015, Eurogress Aachen).

Hengst Showcases Tailor-Made Solutions at IAA 2015

Crankcase ventilation and fluid management for the mobility of tomorrow

Maximum performance with minimum weight, installation space, assembly and service costs: Hengst solutions for crankcase ventilation and fluid management are used as original equipment by leading automobile manufacturers. Hengst is presenting an overview of the entire product range, as well as future trends and topics, at the 66th IAA 2015 (Frankfurt am Main, September 17 to 27, Hall 5.1, Stand A28).

Efficient and reliable: Made-to-measure crankcase ventilation

There is a particular focus on the field of crankcase ventilation. Hengst makes tailor-made solutions that are suitable for all engine designs and different ‘country-specific’ exhaust regulations – from the efficient entry into oil separation through to high-end solutions that meet current and future emissions specifications. You can get a hands-on experience of the characteristics and advantages of the different separator concepts at the Hengst IAA stand.

Blue.disc: The first hydraulic disc separator for passenger car applications

Hengst is breaking new ground in crankcase ventilation for automobiles with Blue.disc, the world’s first hydraulic disc separator for the field of passenger cars. As a result of the space-saving design, it is now also possible to combine disc separators, which are known from commercial vehicle applications, with a hydraulic drive for use in passenger car applications for the first time. The disc separators consist of rotating discs that are stacked on top of each other. The oil-containing blow-by gases flow through slots between the discs. The fine oil particles contained in the blow-by gas agglomerate into drops on the discs and are then hurled from the edge of the discs into the housing wall. This process removes even the finest oil particles (0.5 μm) from the blow-by gas with the highest rates of separation (95%). What’s more, Blue.disc can also be combined with highly efficient oil filter systems.

Fluid management: Demands continue to increase

Functional integration in a compact installation space, downsizing and new methods of lightweight construction: These are just some of the formative requirements in the field of filtration and fluid management modules. A high level of development and product expertise as well as manufacturing competence that the company has established over a number of years are directly intertwined. Hengst has access to the most cutting-edge systems in the field of die-cast aluminum technology and plastic injection molding production. This is because any innovation is only as good as its implementation. That is why Hengst offers you both from a single source: Engineering competence with solution-oriented and creative thinking and in-depth knowledge of materials and production technologies of the highest level.

Differential pressure-optimized oil filter modules

Increased requirements in emissions reductions and fuel efficiency are placing a sharper focus on the subject of reducing pressure loss in the oil circuit. This means, for example, that supplying combustion engines with cool, clean engine oil must be guaranteed at all times, without too much energy being expended in the process.

The company uses the most ‘cutting-edge’ procedures for simulating currents in order to optimize the efficiency of oil filter modules. Components can be designed at a very early stage of development in order to generate optimum currents before the current field that finally appears is visualized. It is possible to optimize the designs even further with regard to differential pressure and weight, through the use of innovative manufacturing procedures such as salt-core technology for die-cast aluminum, or gas/water injection technology (GIT-WIT) for plastic injection molding.

Real proximity to customers – all over the world

Globally active and therefore always within reach of automobile industry customers: We already have our own locations in four continents and seven different countries (Germany, Poland, USA, Brazil, China, India and Singapore). This puts our company in a position to provide optimum support to regional markets and to guarantee short, fast routes for automobile manufacturers.


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Hengst meets USA at IAA

The Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, visited us at our fair booth in Frankfurt, Germany. Also in Frankfurt, Nikki Haley, Gouvernor of South Carolina, gave a festive reception at the „Internationale Automobil Ausstellung“. Always a pleasure!

Welcome at 66. IAA in Frankfurt, Germany

We are looking forward to a great fair! Visit us in Hall 5.1, Stand A28.

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World premiere at the IAA: A new dimension in oil separation


Blue.disc by Hengst: The first hydraulic disk separator for car applications

Product launch at the 2015 IAA (Frankfurt am Main, 17 to 27 September): with its new Blue.disc product, Hengst will be showing the first disk separator for car applications (Hall 5.1, Stand A28).

With the highly efficient system for crankcase ventilation, Hengst reinforces its commitment to developing sustainable filtration solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. In particular, this new development meets the ever increasing legal requirements regarding vehicle emissions.

Blue.disc minimizes engine consumption of oil for a maximum oil separation of over 95 percent. This has been made possible for the first time thanks to the new space-saving design, which incorporates hydraulic drive for passenger car applications into the already well-known applications of disk separators for commercial vehicles.

The disk separator consists of stacked rotating plates. The oily blow-by gases flow through gaps between the plates. The fine oil particles contained in the blow-by gas are agglomerated into drops on the plates that are eventually thrown from the plate edge to the housing wall. Thus even the finest oil particles (0,5 µm) are removed from the blow-by gas with the highest filtration efficiency (95%). The purified gas is supplied to the internal combustion engine intake, and the separated oil is returned to the engine’s oil circulation system.

The result is the lowest engine oil consumption. In addition, Blue.disc generates the vacuum in the crankcase that is required by law throughout all of the operating sections of the engine. Thus the special storage in the disc stack guarantees acoustically unobtrusive operation with low power consumption as well as the suitability of the component over the entire life of the vehicle. Hengst also allows combinations of Blue.disc with highly efficient oil filter systems – that way the system supplier for fluid management and oil filtration lays the foundation for additional synergies.

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Games, Sports and Fun – Summer Festival at Hengst Kinderland

Last Friday, fantastic weather reigned as friends and families of our company daycare center youngsters got together at the „Hengst Kinderland“ gardens. Wether tall or small, there was something for everyone, and having fun was, of course, what mattered most to all participants. Besides a variety of games, a highlight for all the sweet tooths was the popcorn machine.

The High Art of Plastics Production

Hengst wins international Engel Award 2015 – from development through to implementation, all under one roof

Take advantage of the latest manufacturing procedures and free up space in terms of both design and profitability: The Austrian Engel group regularly presents the Engel Award for examples of success that fulfill these goals. Hengst is among the three prizewinners this year. The automobile supplier won the internationally renowned award in the ‘Optimal Use of Mold Area’ category and, in doing so, prevailed over 27 plastics processing companies from 14 countries.

At Hengst, engineering competence and an exemplary vertical range of manufacture go hand-in-hand. The company has won awards time and time again thanks to its high level of expertise in precision manufacturing, from plastic injection molding through to aluminum die casting. The Engel Group, an international leader in the manufacture of injection molding machines, has just honored a solution that Hengst was able to realize entirely under one roof – from the idea, through to development, right up until series production. We are talking about the oil-filter module bases, which are used in the four-cylinder diesel engines of several different Audi and Volkswagen models. The sophisticated components are being manufactured in high volume at the Hengst facility in Nordwalde, Germany.

The award was presented as part of the Engel Symposium in the Austrian city of Linz on 16 June. “We see this award as both a confirmation and an incentive,” says Dr. Torsten Penz, Chief Operating Officer at Hengst: “We are very happy to receive this recognition for our high level of manufacturing competence and vertical range of production, which we use to create sustainable added-value for our customers. Our goal in the future is to continue setting standards with creative ideas and cutting-edge technology.”

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Hengst Strengthens its Position in the Eastern-European Market

New location in Poland will take over filter production at the end of May

Hengst is there for customers from the automotive industry all over the world, quite literally: as part of the global growth strategy, the company is putting yet another production location into operation at the end of May, which at the same time will be the automotive supplier’s first factory in Poland.

In Gostyń, Posen, the production of filters and filter inserts for the independent aftermarket (IAM) will begin at the end of May. With this extension of global production capacities, the company seeks to expand its position in the important Eastern-European markets. Hengst Poland Sp.z.o.o., newly founded as part of this endeavor, will be headed by Zygmunt Wabiński, who brings with him 25 years of experience in the world of filters.
The new establishment in Poland stands alongside the recently-opened locations in Singapore and India. Hengst is now present on four continents and in seven countries, with eleven locations altogether. “This creates important conditions for taking into account the particularities of the different international markets and optimally aligning our development and production with these,” explains Jens Röttgering, Chairman of the Board of the Hengst Group. “The internationalization ensures the further growth of our group of companies and therefore the jobs in Germany at the same time.”

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Autonomous trucks are ready to roll

That’s the prediction of Daimler Trucks, who demonstrated their first autonomous truck which drives for itself. Two autonomously driving Freightliner trucks may use Nevada’s transport network in the future with the innovative HDEP oil module of Hengst belonging to the high-tech equipment. With short, molded connection channels and thanks to an intelligent circuit of the control valves a lowest flow resistance is achieved.