More than 2,500 filters for any requirement: Hengst at the Automechanika 2016

Solutions for clean servicing

More than 2,500 filters for any requirement: Hengst at the Automechanika 2016

From original equipment to the aftermarket: You can always rely on the quality of Hengst filters. The company will be presenting an overview of its IAM range of more than 2,500 filter products at the Automechanika (September 13 to 17, 2016 at the Messe Frankfurt). The stand space at the new location in Hall 4.0, Stands A71 and A95 is increasing to 220 square meters; for the first time, there will even be room for our own workshop area where trade visitors can obtain first-hand information. The focus will be on the benefits that quality filters offer as compared to supposedly “cheap solutions”. Especially when it comes to high operational reliability, there is no alternative to OE quality filters.

Hengst also shows how to improve already good products with the latest generation of the patented ENERGETIC® system. Production of the first generation was launched in 1993. The smart filter cartridges have been tried and tested in numerous applications and continuously optimized since then – right through to today’s sixth generation.

The basic idea has remained unchanged: Only the filter cartridge needs to be replaced for servicing – that conserves resources, reduces waste, facilitates clean working and makes changing filters faster. In short: an efficient and environmentally-friendly solution that has been widely accepted.

Hengst’s range of filter products covers virtually every need: for all known manufacturers, for cars as well as for commercial vehicles. Product quality is complemented by the great service – from 24/7 availability to personal support.

With freshly printed catalogs for cars and commercial vehicles, as well as the new and improved online catalog at, the company has also made searching for the required filters easier and faster.

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Hengst at the 37th Vienna Motor Symposium

The company will be presenting the latest trends and a glimpse into upcoming developments at the 37th Vienna Motor Symposium (28 to 29 April 2016, Hofburg Vienna Congress Centre).

Hengst is breaking new ground in crankcase ventilation for automobiles with Blue.disc, the world’s first hydraulic disc separator for the field of passenger cars. As a result of the space-saving design, it is now also possible to combine disc separators, which are known from commercial vehicle applications, with a hydraulic drive for use in passenger car applications for the first time. The disc separators consist of rotating discs that are stacked on top of each other. The oil-containing blow-by gases flow through slots between the discs. The fine oil particles contained in the blow-by gas agglomerate into drops on the discs and are then hurled from the edge of the discs into the housing wall. This process removes even the finest oil particles (0.5 μm) from the blow-by gas with the highest rates of separation (95%). What’s more, Blue.disc can also be combined with highly efficient oil filter Systems.

Fed up with nasty passengers?

Fed up with nasty passengers?

Interior cabin air filters ensure clean conditions inside your automobile

You no longer have to endure “bad air” in your vehicle: Air conditioning, which is standard in most modern vehicles, allows individuals to adjust temperatures to their own needs; the integrated interior cabin air filters keep undesirable air components such as pollen, dust, bacteria and allergens at bay. The prerequisite for this: The interior cabin air filter should be replaced regularly, every 15,000 kilometers at least or, ideally, twice a year.

The rule of thumb is: A filter change in the spring to remove the last remnants of winter, the second change in the fall after the filter has absorbed large amounts of pollen during the warm months of summer. Whoever follows this rule can always expect healthy air conditions in his automobile. It is not only allergy sufferers who can literally breathe more easily: Everyone in the vehicle, even those without hay fever symptoms, benefits from air with minimal levels of dust and pollen. Pollution in the air that is breathed can ultimately impair concentration and make the driver feel tired. Therefore, having a pleasant climate in your automobile not only adds to comfort levels, but also improves safety.

As a partner and series supplier, Hengst produces interior cabin air filters in original equipment manufacturer quality that meet the specifications and requirements of the automobile manufacturers. High-quality, fully-synthetic filter materials and excellent processing quality ensure effective functionality. Particle filters that absorb pollen, spores and dust as well as bacteria, fungi and debris from the road are part of this comprehensive package, as are carbon filters that also block out unpleasant smells and contaminants. Both types of filters have proven capable of achieving separation rates of over 95 percent. Another advantage: Clean air conditions and good air conditioning prevent condensation and oily lubricating film from forming on the vehicle’s windows.

So that external vehicle experts are also able to install the filters, Hengst provides easy to understand installation instructions for all filter types in its online catalog at, – as well as in every product package. “Nasty passengers” don’t have a chance anymore.

Opportunities for auto repair shops

Auto repair shops can use this opportunity to make additional attractive revenues by suggesting this service to customers during regular service appointments. In any case, auto manufacturers stipulate that the filter should be replaced after 15,000 kilometers, or after one year at the latest. However, it makes sense to change the filter twice a year if you use your vehicle a lot: In the spring because a lot of pollutants will have accumulated over the winter months, and also in the fall to remove pollen and leaf residues.

It is thus easy to calculate the potential that repair shops can tap into, in addition to their existing service contracts. So that external vehicle experts are also able to install the filters, Hengst provides easy to understand installation instructions for all filter types in its online catalog at – as well as in every product package.


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Hengst acquires Danish filter manufacturer Nordic Air Filtration

The acquisition is part of the growth strategy set out by the Hengst Group

On February 1, 2016, Hengst will acquire all shares of the Danish filtration specialist Nordic Air Filtration. Nordic Air is a market leader in high-quality solutions for industrial air filtration and supplies dealers and OEMs worldwide. The company has three locations in Denmark and in the United Arab Emirates and employs around 100 staff who generate annual sales of over EUR 15 million. Nordic Air Filtration has a very large portfolio of around 4,000 different filter products and more than 20 different filter media for gas turbines and industrial applications.

The acquisition is part of the growth strategy of the Münster-based filtration expert Hengst. “Nordic Air Filtration’s entire product portfolio is an excellent complement to our current expertise in the field of industrial filtration. Our goal is to expand our activities in the non-automotive market further and to transfer our competence and technology as a partner in the automotive industry to filtration applications in these related segments,” says owner Jens Röttgering. “Nordic Air has a very attractive product portfolio and decades of experience in high-quality production of industrial filters – and the acquisition of Nordic Air and its integration into the Hengst Group will offer our customers great added value,” continued Röttgering. Hengst welcomes the many new employees who will be joining the company with the acquisition of Nordic Air. André Radley Grundahl, who was formerly Managing Director of Nordic Air, will continue to oversee business operations. “2016 will be an exciting year for us. Nordic Air is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding and we will be taking the next step in our business development as a member of the Hengst Group,” said Grundahl.

Hengst and Nordic Air are synonymous with professional industrial filtration solutions that are environmentally-friendly and increase the service life of industrial machines. Close cooperation with international customers is the foundation for the quality and durability of the products. The modular filter cartridge system, for example, provides the right filter media and designs for any extraction system, including for abrasive, toxic and explosive dust. Customers can also take advantage of custom filter solutions and on-site technical support – including for gas turbine intake filters in all operating environments.


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Skill in Series Production

Hengst successful in the International Aluminum Die Casting Competition for the fourth time in a row

This is a real series of successes. Hengst has taken part in the International Aluminum Die Casting Competition for the fourth time – and for the fourth time in a row the company was among the prize winners. The expert judges awarded first prize to an oil coolant module for Daimler commercial vehicle engines developed by Hengst and produced at the Nordwalde site. The accolade was awarded as part of the “Euroguss” trade fair in Nuremberg.

The aluminum cast part manufactured by Hengst forms the heart of the oil coolant module for Daimler AG’s MDEG (medium duty engine generation) engine. The world-class engine is installed in medium-duty commercial vehicles (4 and 6 cylinder) that are produced by the various group brands, from Mercedes-Benz to Freightliner. As would be expected, the demands placed on Hengst’s developers were highly complex. The remit was to provide for a wide variety of options and to integrate a large range of functions within the given installation space. With its consistent lightweight construction, realized by means of thin-wall die casting, the cast part achieves the highest standards in tightness and pressure resistance (>50 bar in the oil section). The module is also designed to last the life of the engine.
The module developed for the MDEG engine is flanged to the crank housing and encompasses the oil filter, heat exchanger, valves, sensors, connections and coolant pump.

The component is made up of over 50 individual parts, saves space and weight, and – with its low flow resistance – even contributes toward fuel and emissions savings. Up to 400 liters of cooling fluid and 117 liters of oil flow through the cast part per minute.

“We are delighted with our latest award in the International Aluminum Die Casting Competition,” says Dr. Torsten Penz, Chief Operating Officer at Hengst. “It validates our strategy of combining developmental, design and manufacturing competence under one roof. It is thanks to this strategy that we are able work with vehicle manufacturers to take innovative concepts to series maturity within such a short space of time.” The cast part is produced in Hengst’s own aluminum foundry in Nordwalde (Münsterland) – one of the most modern plants of its kind in the world. It allows for near net shape production and meets the highest quality standards in terms of precision and purity.

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Mercedes CLA shooting brake – we are delivering the oil filter module for the AMG version

This kind of oil filter module is a compact high-rate filter system with a maximum filter area in only the smallest available space. The resources saving oil filter module ENERGETIC ® offers a rapid as well as a service friendly and primarily environmentally sound filter change. By the fast and clean filter change from above, the latched oil filter module is pulled from the case together via the screw cap without losing any oil.

Four times “very good” – Hengst trainees belong to the best in Münster

We did it! That was the case for 13 trainees in the winter, and eight in the summer of 2015, for their professional training at Hengst. Four of them had an additional date on Thursday, 26th November. On that day, 123 trainees were honored with an awarding ceremony at the city hall of the Westphalian peace in Münster. All of them unite the highest grade “very good”. Among them were our four trainees from Hengst. Our warmest congratulations. Great achievement!


Hengst is primed for further growth

Headquarters will be extended – start of construction in first quarter of 2016

Primed for current and prospective growth: Hengst, specialist in filtration und fluid management, expands its headquarters in Münster. About 3.8 mio. Euro are being invested in a new administrative building.

The start of the first of altogether three stages of expansion will be in the first quarter of 2016. Within nine months, a new building consisting of three floors will be built, comprising numerous office rooms as well as a new canteen, training- and common rooms.

„Adjusted to the company´s growth in the coming years we will be able to expand the office builidng according to our personal needs. All necessary technical conditions are already there“ says member of the board Dr. Torsten Penz.

Special attention is being paid to sustainability, not only concerning the new building but also regarding the following stages of expansion. „We handle resources carefully. Besides we are up-to-date with fulfilling all energetic standards” so Dr. Penz explains.

The empty areas in the old building will be renovated for an alternative use. Some of the area is supposed to accomodate a show room in the future.

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Short Ways to the Markets of Eastern Europe

Hengst opens new filter plant in Poland – Eleven locations on four continents

It is always there, where the customers are: With eleven locations on four continents, Hengst has a global footprint. Short distances from the production of high-performance filters to the customers from the automotive industry and the service business are guaranteed. The most recent plant in the Polish city of Gostyń, near Poznan, was opened on October 22 and celebrated with guests and customers.

The new location is equipped for the production of filters and filter cartridges for manufacturer-independent service businesses (IAM – Independent Aftermarket) – especially for the fast-growing Eastern European markets, which can now be supplied by the shortest route. Modern production facilities provide for the usual high premium quality of Hengst products.

“With the global networking of our locations, we meet our customers at their locations. The factory in Poland is an important reinforcement of our global manufacturing capabilities,” said Jens Röttgering, owner and Chairman of the Board of the Hengst Group, at the opening. “We are particularly pleased to have an experienced filtration specialist and connoisseur of the Eastern European automotive market as CEO of the new Hengst Poland Sp. z o. o. in Zygmunt Wabiński.” The launch of Hengst Poland could not have run any better. Orders are coming in, and production is already at full speed.

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New Engine by Daimler AG with technology of Hengst

The city bus “Citaro“ of Daimler AG has meanwhile spreading to approximately 45,000 vehicles worldwide. Thanks to the technology of Hengst, the „Citaro“ is also available with an environmentally friendly natural gas drive system. The gas engine is much more environmentally friendly than a diesel engine and it emits less particles. Furthermore it is much quieter. However he makes very high demands on the filtration of the engine oil. Hengst has pioneered the development of a bespoke engine oil filter and thus contributed to these forward-looking engines are used. The M 936 G – so the Daimler-Identification of the engine – will come with his Hengst-MDEG module except in buses also in disposal and municipal vehicles on the road. First major customer is “Stadtwerke Augsburg“, which are at once bringing 68 innovative buses in use.