Good. Better. Hengst.

The fact alone that we are an OEM in the automotive and other industries indirectly tells you something about the high quality we provide as a subcontractor. However, we prefer to face direct competition, as the quality delivered by Hengst is not just something that distinguishes us from the rest, but it is also something that is also highly appreciated by our customers.

With our certifications in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 we have created the basis for a process and solution-oriented collaboration with our customers.

Quality is our commitment.

The quality of our products is the result of the quality of our work. We are aware of the fact that the most important factor of quality at Hengst Filtration are our employees, who create optimal product solutions for our customers using their knowledge and experience. In doing this they are supported by clear structures along the entire order completion process, with state-of-the-art workplace equipment in R&D and with innovative technologies in production. Moreover, our suppliers are also clearly committed to quality by sharing and meeting our high requirements as to quality and efficiency.

As an OEM we are structured in such a way that the entire development and production process can be completed without any external labor. This makes us independent of third parties and also strengthens our consistent competency as an OEM.

German engineering worldwide.

Wherever it says Hengst on the label, Hengst will be inside. This does not only apply to our products and their packaging, but also to our fifteen locations on four continents. There, too, the name of Hengst Filtration stands for outstanding quality. With the help of our uniformed-quality standards and structures we ensure that we work with the same understanding of quality at all locations.

First class filtration solutions non-stop.

Manufacture at Hengst means putting theory into practice. A development becomes an application.

We believe in involving our Production people right from the start of the development process, enabling them to make a significant contribution to the implementation of product solutions with their know-how of materials and production right from the very beginning.

Manufacture with depth.

The particularly high vertical integration is what distinguishes Hengst from our competitors. From the preparation and refinement of the filter medium up to the plastic housing and the pressure cast component, everything is manufactured by Hengst. For instance, our foundry in Nordwalde is one of the most modern foundries worldwide.

We also ensure high efficiency at all our locations: Our delivery reliability and low complaint rate have already been awarded by our customers.

Local content.

To also meet the requirements of the automotive industry as to the origin of the products, we have selected strategically favorable locations and placed our production facilities in the vicinity of our customers. In addition, we increase the proximity to our customers and thus reduce delivery periods and along with that we also protect the environment due to shorter shipping routes.